Day of the Lamb (Dia des Be)
This kicks off the Sant Joan (Saint John) celebrations. It starts the Sunday before the 23rd and 24th. Starting at 9 a.m., the committee of caixers (Junta de Caixers) accompanies the “Lamb man” (l’homo des be), a man clad in lambskins, who walks around between the institutions’ and horsemen’s posts with a lamb on his back.
Saint John’s Saturday (23 june)
On June 23, Ciutadella breaks into a celebration in which the horses are the true protagonists. At two in the afternoon the piper begins to announce the parade and the day’s main event is the des Born caragol. The party goes on well into the night, with the Sa Plaça runs and the Saint Claire caragol.
Saint John’s Day (24 june)
The celebrations begin early and end late. The des Pla Games are the day’s main event, with an exhibition of horses and riders that is a unique spectacle of unequalled beauty. The Caixers’ Mass at the cathedral is the most solemn moment in a day that ends with an emotional final touch.


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